Quentin H.

I began my journey in the Pasifika family on 10/21/2013. I weighed in at 381 pounds. I suffered my whole life from being overweight, over tired, and over stressed I believe all due to my state of health at the time.  When I began doing the workout routine at PSC I was only 30 years of age and just recently diagnosed with the killing disease of Type II Diabetes. My only hope to get rid of this big problem was to have Gastric bypass surgery; which I wanted but my doctor would not agree. Coach Jaws who is a member of my church reached out to me for months to help me with my weight and of course I said NOOOOO..... I agreed while putting up a fight to go with my cousin to check it out. After the 1st day from all the support I received from people I did not know, and seeing the huge accomplishments this gym has done for people of size like myself - my ‘I cant's’ started turning into ‘I cans’.   Before Pasifika, running was out of the question.  I could not run 100 meters without getting breathless within the first 25-50 meters.  And now I’m running a 400 in under 3 min. How about the Mile???? I hated it unless it was in a car.  In High school a run walk mile would take me 27 to 35 min.   Since I started at PSC I now run the mile in 13 min 09 sec - To God be the glory. My strength is a lot stronger and it's like out of this world.   I can honestly say Pasifika Strength and conditioning has changed my life.   Today I'm down to 277 pounds that’s a 100+ weight loss and I did it all before hitting my 1 year anniversary, and I reversed diabetes too. It's not just the workout that helped me at PSC, but a lot to do with the excellent family atmosphere we have here. We all treat each other like brothers and sisters and we are nothing but encourager's we push each other up to strive to finish instead of pull each-other down; here at PSC it does not matter if you're the first or the last, if you Rx or not.  The common goal is to just finish, and never ever give up.  Your gym family is there to support you. That is what really helped me a lot.  It's not like going to the big box gym where you feel as if everyone is looking at you because you're not as small as everyone else, or you can't lift as much as the other guy; it's a ‘hey let's get in and get it done together’ type atmosphere.  That extra push from my peer, or my coach is what allows that to happen. One last thing my whole life I have been ashamed of my body the way I looked never felt accepted but PSC has help me get past. In September 2014 I went to Costa Rica in Central America and when I stepped on the most beautiful beach I've ever been on. I told myself I worked hard to get where I am.  Everyone has told me I looked good, except me - and I wanted to experience what everyone else does at the beach - and for the first time in my life I walked the beach and took my shirt off in public; this would not have been possible without the help I received at PSC.....Pasifika Strength and Conditioning not only changed my life but it also SAVED MY LIFE.  So Join me, and turn your ‘I Cant’s’ into ‘I Cans’ at PSC - the best Cross-training gym in the Sacramento Valley. 

Tavai M.

Ever since I started coming to the Tank, I've been constantly noticing differences in my life. I've felt more confident and have opened up more to the idea of working out. Even on the days when I feel out of it, I do much better than I ever could before. On top of that, it's definitely helped my grade for PE. I hugely improved my mile time, making a leap from 10:00 to 6:30.

Vise M.

My husband and I love Pasifika and the family friendly environment of The Tank.  Coach Jaws has helped us learn new techniques with strength and conditioning movements.  We are stronger and better athletes because of The Tank.  Our kids love the environment too.  You have to check it out for yourself!

Easter C.

Best place to work out in! Family friendly environment, supportive coaches and lots of sweat and fun! Jaws is awesome at what he does.

Angela V.

The tank has positively impacted my life in many ways. One of the most valuable ways is making me a better athlete. I've played rugby for about 8-9 years but it wasn't until last season that I actually did off season workouts and the tank provided that opportunity. There were many choices when it comes to gyms, but the Tank is special. The atmosphere is positive and uplifting and the fellow members are amazing. I feel blessed to have Pasifika fitness apart of my life.

Elizabeth M.

I grew up in an Athletic family in New Zealand where we did well in track & field and basketball.  Relocating to CA and adjusting to a lifestyle of long days through college, spending many hours at work over the past 10-15 years - my lifestyle decreased in physical activity and increased in finding excuses to justify a lifestyle of fast foods and late night TV watching.  Early in 2013 I had a couple of reality checks where I realized I was turning 40 years old that same year, and while at peak in my career and lost in my work, as well occupied in commitments to others – my health had peaked at its ‘worst’.  I was buried and hiding behind 308lbs and had hit an all-time low with my self-confidence.  A friend introduced me to PASIFIKA, THE TANK, and COACH JAWS.  While it took a few tries to get me to step inside THE TANK – from Day 1 of going, I was welcomed with open arms by Jaws and the members at the Tank.  Jaws got me off another failing fad diet, introduced me to crossfit style training and into clean eating (meats, vegetables, good fats and complex carbs).  In January 2014 I had lost 100lbs, and now October 2014 I have lost 120lbs in total.  But I don’t watch the scale, I have developed a passion and love for training and improving my performance.  That’s now my drive.  I love to LIVE a full active lifestyle!  In February I competed in my first Crossfit competition and placed 3rd in Masters, entered my 2nd competition in April and placed 1st in Masters and recently entered a partner competition with my sister which was another great achievement for me.  Pasifika Strength & Conditioning and Coach Jaws is like no other gym or box.  We are truly a community and family who encourage and build each other through our struggles, and cheer on each other’s achievements regardless of how small.  There’s no place like THE TANK!

Jennifer D.

Holy smokes. This isn't just a gym I go to; this is my family. The tank has affected so many aspects of my life from my raw-to-trained strength to my emotional well-being to my employment. It honestly amazes me how strong I have become in such a short time span. I remember being so frustrated at not being able to clean 120lbs that I wanted to cry.  I'm a wee bit passed that and I have the Tank to thank for that :)  Even though I may have shed some tears at the Tank, it is an awesome feeling to know that I have people who genuinely care about me. I have gotten to know so many considerate, hard-working people at the Tank. My highlight of each and every day is talking and laughing with all the goofballs that are my Tank family.

Shawn C.

Joining PASIFIKA aka The Shark Tank has been the best fitness decision I have ever made! Big thanks to my sister Easter for talking me into joining the Shark Tank family. Big thanks to Coach Jaws for a great workout program that challenges me and makes me keep coming back for more. YOU ARE JAWSOME BRO! :) Never would I have thought that I would enjoy working out 5 days a week….ever! Now after 7 months with Pasifika, I’m here Monday through Friday working out with my Pasifika family. Everyone here is very supportive and we are all one big happy fit family trying to get our FLEX ON! Since I’ve joined Pasifika, I’ve replaced a lot of bad habits with good habits in order achieve my fitness goals.

Rius T.

I can say that I have never felt this good in my life, and I’m in my best shape ever, and it’s only getting better. Going to gym has been part of daily activities.  I remembered the first night I walked into the gym and I felt like walking into a different world. It was scary at first, but everyone was so welcoming. WHOPP has been there for me from day 1. Having Knox yelling at me that night really helped as I continued to push myself. And thanks too to many other members as well.  I have never thought I will have extended family from going to gym.

Ashley D.

Pasifika has affected my life in so many different ways. I remember the first day I worked out at the tank like it was yesterday. Every single person was so welcoming and supportive. I have never felt that sense of belonging at any other workout facility. I have gained so much strength on the inside and outside. The tank is where I go to be surrounded by supportive, inspirational fitness family members. I look forward to getting my butt handed to me each evening with my 6:30 crew and I cannot say that about any other gym I’ve been a part of. Jaws has showed me that working out can be fun!