COACH ROMAN - Level 1 CrossFit Certified & Romans Road Fitness | Roman has made his presence in the local CrossFit arena for several years and because of his passion for fitness, he created RRF.  Come meet Coach Roman Mon - Wed at 4.30pm classes, Friday at 5.30pm and Saturday at 8am.

COACH MELANIE - Level 1 CrossFit Certified | Melanie is new to the CrossFit KaiWai staff, but she certainly is not new to CrossFit!  Melanie coaches CrossFit at more than one box and enjoys breaking things down for every level.  Join Coach Melanie on Mondays at 5.30pm and 6.30pm, and other classes she sub-coaches.

COACH DORIAN - Level 1 CrossFit Certified | Dorian started his CrossFit journey at CrossFit KaiWai and in a few years he has already made his mark in the local CrossFit market.  Also a coach at more than one box (gym) in Sacramento and encouraging to all his classes.  Join Coach Dorian on Tuesdays at 5.30pm and other classes he sub-coaches.

INTERN COACH ASHLEY - passionate about fitness, training and helping others!  Ashley has been a long-standing assistant with coaching at CrossFit Kaiwai for over 2 years, and is about to complete her Level 1 CrossFit Certification in May, 2018.  Coach Ashley is one of our most dedicated CrossFit athletes at CrossFit Kaiwai.  Join Coach Ashley on Thursday and Fridays at 4.30pm.

INTERN COACH CRYSTAL - Newer to CrossFit Kaiwai, but definitely not new to CrossFit.  Crystal has been a committed CrossFit athlete in Southern CA as well as Sacramento CA.  A senior student about to graduate from CSUS, class of 2018!  Holds a passion for Fitness and Nutrition, and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge with others.  Join Coach Crystal on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6am.

INTERN COACH LIZ - A product of Head Coach Jaws when introduced to CrossFit in 2013 (losing 110 lbs in her first year).  Quickly became committed to the CrossFit sport and enjoys assisting others on a similar journey to hers (Couch to CrossFit).  Liz is about to complete her Level 1 CrossFit Certification in May, 2018.  Join Coach Liz on Friday mornings at 6am.